Star Wars Jedi Logo inspired Earrings

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These are Star Wars Jedi Logo inspired earrings, shown in opaque black and translucent dark blue acrylic, approximately 1.5” in diameter.

** Due to the detail in this design, it cannot be made any smaller. I can make it larger if you wish, but 1.5” diameter is the smallest possible.**

*** ALSO, this design cannot be made in mirror colors in the 1.5” size. Please contact us if you wish to discuss options in the mirror colors. We apologize, but the complexity of this design makes them quite a bit more difficult to make in the less flexible acrylic materials.***

All of our designs are available in any color (just specify what color you would like in your purchase notes) and can be made custom in any size or for other uses (necklace charms, keychains, zipper pulls, etc).

Thanks for checking it out!

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