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Stern Spiderman Colored Webs

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This listing is custom colored webs for Stern's Original Spiderman pinball machine. In addition to replacing the 3 original clear webs, this includes 2 custom designed add on webs for Venom and Green Goblin.

They are available as shown in Red (Doc Ock), Yellow (Sandman), Green (Green Goblin), Dark Blue (Venom) and Light Blue (Shooter Lane); or can be made in other colors if requested.

These are designed to fit on the ORIGINAL Stern Spiderman, we have not fit tested them on the Vault Edition of Spiderman.

Installation Tips:

  • You will need to remove the original webs by drilling out the rivets. For Doc Oc and Sandman webs you will need to remove the metal ball guide to be able to drill the rivets.

  • When installing the new webs, use the provided screws and nylon lock nuts. Do not over tighten, just snug is fine. The acrylic can crack if over tightened.

  • The Green Goblin and Venom webs reuse the existing screws in the area. See photos for installation location.

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